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Saturday 10. January 2009 Summary 2008

We are pleased that you like our site. Here is a small summary about the visitors of in 2008.

Monday 17. March 2008 New design

After strugling a bit we decided to create a new design for typo3wizard. The company akanai web technologies provided us a professional graphical layout, also the HTML and CSS was done by akanai, b

Tuesday 25. December 2007 Merry Christmas

The TYPO3Wizard Team wishes all users a merry christmas.

We used this holiday to do a server upgrade. This was the reason the server was not reachable this afternoon. We hope now everything works fine again. If you notice problems please let us kno

Tuesday 14. November 2006 TYPO3Wizard gets a search

After receiving a few requests,  we have decided to add a search ability to the site. The site has grown quite large, so we are hoping the search will help you locate the snippets you need much more quickly.

Greets Helmuth

Thursday 02. November 2006 Fixed TSREF links

Finally I had some time to fix all links that point to the TSREF on If you should find some non working links, please let me know.

Greets Helmuth

Wednesday 26. October 2005 Do you have TYPO3 snippets?

Do you have TypoScript snippets and you want to share them with others. Then use our "Submit a snippet" Form, you can find it in the snippet section. Just fill complete the form and submit it. When then test your snippet and add it to our S

Friday 21. October 2005 TYPO3 Forum

I just wanted to let you know that we also have a forum for the topic TYPO3. Everybody is welcome to post his / her questions, problems and / or opinon on our  forum. We take the time to read every post and to answer as soon as possible.


Monday 03. October 2005 New Server for

With today has not only a new Layout but also a new Hosting.


Monday 03. October 2005 New Layout on

We decided to create a new Layout for this site.


Friday 13. May 2005 Site down

The site was down today because we had some hosting problems. Sorry for the downtime.


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