Manage Multiple domains on the same TYPO3

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There are two ways to manage multiple domains in one Typo3 installation. The first method is to create a RewriteRule in your .htaccess which tells the webserver to redirect requests on a specific domain to a specific page id / website tree. You can do that by putting the follwing code in your .htaccess


RewriteEngine on

RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^(www\.)?testdomain\.it$ [NC]

RewriteRule ^$ [R=301,L]

RewriteRule ^[^/]*\.html$ /index.php


The second and much better way to handle multiple domains in one Typo3 installation is to use Typo3 Domain Records. You create your page trees the usual way. Afterwards you create a domain record on each subtree for each domain. This way can you tell Typo3 which subtree is called on which domain.


Requirement to get this working is that DNS and Webserver are configured correctly for your Domains.


More information can be found on:

Quickstart - Controlling multiple domains

Using subdomains with Typo3


Andi, 11-06-07 12:24:
Unfortunately TYPo3 is only redirecting 302!

To have all your domains redirected 301 you should use jb_status_code. This way you can avoid doubled content.
You have to insert 2 Domain Records to each Page if you want to solve the "with" and "without" www Problem

1st Domain Record:
domain record:

2nd Domain Record
domain record:
redirect to: (don't forget http://)

Check the next box so your parameters will be given too.

Then if you have installed jb_status_code there is another box. Type the number "301" into this box.

Now a call to will be redirected 301 (permanently moved) to and Searchengines will be happY :-)

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