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With this method you can have a simple way to include your own little php script (if you need it only on one page use the pagephpcontent extension).



Put following typoscript into your template setup.


includeLibs.testMd5 = fileadmin/testMd5.php = USER {
  userFunc =user_testMd5->main




Save following PHP Script in fileadmin/testMd5.php



class user_testMd5 {

var $cObj;// The backReference to the mother cObj object set at call time


* Call it from a USER cObject with 'userFunc = user_randomImage->main_randomImage'


function main($content,$conf){

$content.='<span style="color:'.$conf["color"].'">'.$conf["value"].' as md5 '.md5($conf["value"]).'</span>';

return $content;






Kaya, 02-07-10 06:45:
I got as far as trying to create/upload the php file in the fileadmin folder. The extension is not allowed. Did you mean .inc? Not that it would let me create a .inc file either!
Sam, 30-09-12 04:15:
Sorry, spe4te Antwort, aber ich konnte es erst jetzt nahivollzcehen. Zu dem Fehler kommt es wenn Du unter pluginName einen falschen Wert stehen hast. Steht in der Plugin-Konfiguration z.B.:Tx_Extbase_Utility_Extension::configurePlugin $_EXTKEY,'List',array 'Twitter' => 'list' ,array // don't cache some actions'Twitter' => '' ;Muss pluginName = List sein dann hat es zumindest bei mir funktioniert. Hoffe es hilft auch Dir weiter.

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