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Sometimes it's usefull to customize the page title. With this snippet you can change the page title or add some special string.


config.noPageTitle = 2
page.headerData.5 = TEXT
page.headerData.5.field = subtitle // title
page.headerData.5.wrap = <title> &nbsp; |</title>



Here is another sample that reads the page title wich is defined under "Template".


  wrap=This is the title:|
    # id of the template record
    tables = sys_template
    conf.sys_template >
    conf.sys_template = TEXT



This snippet was submited by Dominic Pfluger


John, 03-06-07 16:48:
I'm trying to make the <title> tag appear higher up in my source code, right after my <head> tag. Do you know how to accomplish this? Thanks,

John Dawson
Filip, 16-05-09 01:08:
Thanks for the tip Dominic. Together with snippet I found through google I got this on my sites:

config.noPageTitle = 2

page.headerData = COA
page.headerData {
20 = TEXT
20 {
field = description // title // subtitle
#value = some text in here
wrap= <title>|&nbsp;- {$pageTitle} </title>

## News pages
[PIDupinRootline = 10]
newsTitle {
wrap= <title> | &nbsp;- {$pageTitle}</title>
5 {
source = {GPvar:tx_ttnews|tt_news}
source.insertData = 1
tables = tt_news
conf.tt_news >
conf.tt_news = TEXT
page.headerData.20 < newsTitle
Mike, 31-10-11 19:52:
This was working great until the upgrade to 4.6 and tt_news 3.1. Not sure what has changed??
Mike, 31-10-11 22:03:
Gpvar is deprecated in 4.6, use GP instead
Nelos, 17-02-12 13:48:
Hey, i would like to know if some1 can answer what John asked '07?

I am trying to use my page subtitle to show a desciption text under then main navigation. example

MENU Menu Menu
Description text(subtitle) would go here in another <div>.

I cant find the answer anywhere and i am a noob when it comes to TS :(.

Help please.

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