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To remove the Clear.gif from the content put this line in your setup



To remove the anchors before the contents put this line in your setup


tt_content.stdWrap.dataWrap >


Mark, 17-09-06 11:31:
Does this work for anyone?
John, 20-09-06 12:17:
not for me! (typo3 3.8.0)
Jordan, 08-03-07 19:22:
Not for me also. Doesn't work (v4.0.5)
markus, 15-05-07 08:32:
this works.

add to Constants in your Template record

content.headerSpace = 0 | 0 = 0 | 0

Daniel, 07-06-10 15:56:
In 4.3 you will have to set the following line as well, to remove anchors in languages different than the default-language also:
tt_content.stdWrap.prepend >
Chris, 30-11-12 11:56:
Thank you so much Thank you so much Ali for sharing such pcouiers tutorials with us, may be it took a long time for you to learn these things a huge search too. But you are guiding us from your expirience very nicely. I have seen your all videos i really enjoyed will wait for next thing i am unemployed now days, learning PHP, MySql, CSS, HTML etc. web development. tell me can i do FreeLance work? and what about Adsense ? Thank you once again for your wonderful tutorials. Hey Ali Baba you are awesome. !:

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